Bad Breath Treatment

Bad breath is a very common problem and there are many different causes.

If you think you might have bad breath, there is a very simple test that you can do. Simply lick the inside of your wrist and sniff; if the smell is bad, you can be pretty sure that your breath is too.

Gum disease can cause bad breath; one of the warning signs of gum disease is persistent bad breath or a bad taste in the mouth. Bits of food lodged between the teeth and on the tongue will decay and sometimes cause an unpleasant smell. However, strong foods like garlic, coffee and onions can add to the problem.

But you can still have bad breath with good oral hygiene, healthy teeth and gums. The smell then usually comes from far back of the tongue. It gets stronger when you talk as your mouth becomes drier.

Other causes of bad breath include dry mouth (xerostomia), which is a condition that affects the flow of saliva. This causes bacteria to build up in the mouth and leads to bad breath.

Dry mouth may be caused by salivary gland problems, medicines or persistent mouth breathing, as we age we produce less saliva causing further problems.

How Can We Help?

Most adults occasionally suffer from bad breath. If you are worried about bad breath, please come in and talk to one of the clinicians at Dove Holistic Dental Centre, we will help you work out whether you really have a bad-breath problem and help you deal with it.

Before you come in to see us make sure you have not done anything to hide the normal smell of your breath. Do not smoke, do not use a mouth rinse, do not clean your teeth immediately before your appointment, do not chew gum or use any sort of perfume.

Good oral hygiene is usually the answer to a bad-breath problem. Regular check ups will allow us to monitor any plaque build up, and with regular hygiene visits we will be able to clean all those areas that are difficult to reach.

What can you do for yourself?

  • Brush your teeth thoroughly twice a day.
  • Use floss or any other oral hygiene aids that we have recommended to you.
  • Gently brush or scrape your tongue if it is heavily coated.
  • Keep the mouth moist by chewing gum as this helps the flow of saliva and helps wash away bacteria.
  • If you smoke, try to give up. As well as making your breath smell better, giving up smoking will keep your mouth and gums healthy, and benefit your general health.