Dental Emergencies at Dove Holistic Dental Centre

We will always endeavor to help anyone in pain, and we will see non-registered patients for dental emergencies if an appointment is available.

Registered Patients

For patients registered at our practice, we guarantee to see all dental emergencies within 24 hours and to offer same day emergency appointments whenever possible.

If you have a dental emergency outside of practice hours, please telephone 0870 458 7965 to contact the on call dentist.

Private fee-per-item patients will be charged £90.00 which will cover the call out and emergency treatment.

Denplan Patients will pay £20.00 excess.

Patients under 18 years of age and on the NHS will be treated free of charge.

Patients over 18 years of age can call the Emergency Dental Service on 01243 831 790.

Non-Registered Patients

We will always endeavor to help anyone in pain, and we will see non-registered patients for dental emergencies if an appointment is available.

Non-registered patients are seen on a private basis, the emergency appointment involves:

  • A soft tissue examination.
  • All necessary x-rays
  • Examination of the problematic tooth and diagnosis
  • Immediate treatment is possible to ensure you are pain free.
  • Prescription if required

Emergency appointment lasts for 30 minutes and costs £191.50, we require a deposit of £100 to secure the appointment, if you go on to register with Dove Holistic Dental Centre we will reduce the new patient consultation fee from £96.60 to £59.00 including x-rays.

Following diagnosis, if you require a prescription only and no treatment is carried out, the emergency appointment fee is £60.00

What is a Dental Emergency?

A dental emergency is any problem you have associated with your teeth and/or gums including:
  • Toothache- if you have toothache there is likely to be something wrong with your tooth requiring immediate attention. We recommend you contact us immediately and take painkillers if required, such as Ibuprofen (for non asthmatics) or Paracetamol. Never exceed the stated dose.
  • Knocked out tooth: If you have had a tooth knocked out please try not to handle the tooth as this can damage the root. Try to hold it by the crown only if possible. If you are comfortable to reposition the tooth do so, if not, place the tooth in milk or saline and contact us as soon as possible.
  • Chipped or Broken Teeth: A fractured or damaged tooth can be alarming but try not to panic as options are usually available to restore the tooth. If the area is painful avoid hot/cold food and drinks and try eating on the other side to relieve pressure on the damaged tooth. Painkillers such as Ibuprofen (for non asthmatics) and Paracetamol might help. Pain free treatment is usually available by contacting us as soon as possible.
  • Painful Gums Swelling: Swellings is caused by infection, contact us immediately to receive treatment or antibiotics.
  • Lost Crown, Veneer and Bridge: Keep your crown safely so it can be re-cemented as soon as possible. This avoids further damage to the tooth. Call us as soon as possible to make a convenient appointment.