What Our Patients Think of Us!

My wife is very nervous, but was soon put at ease by the friendly receptionist and top rate expert dental care. This makes Dove Holistic Dental Centre No1 for a winning smile.

J L Peters

I have been with Dove Holistic Dental Centre for a very long time and have always received exceptional treatment. I have just undergone a lot of appointments for a new partial plate and nothing has been too much trouble to get the correct fitting etc.. My dentists have all been very caring and courteous and Karen the receptionist is always very welcoming.


Before visiting Dove Holistic Dental Centre, I was terrified of the dentist and extremely nervous when going. The service provided and all the staff at Dove Holistic Dental Centre is excellent and has put me at ease and made it less of a stress when I see the appointment in the diary!!! The dentist and the team always put me at ease and provide the best care and information for me and I couldn't recommend them enough!

C Brown

Don't put off that trip to the dentist!

On dental hygiene please do not slack!

Your beauty will fade when teeth do decay caused by tartar and plaque!!

Dr Raju at Dove Dental he's no ogre, he'll soon sort your painful molar!

With high speck design and chairs that recline and a lecture to never drink cola!!

K Ward

I have been attending Dove Holistic Dental Centre for a number of years now and have always been delighted with the service I receive there. The reception staff are always very polite and helpful and the dental staff very professional and kind. Dr Raju is always very gentle, cheerful and reassuring, nothing seems to be too much trouble and he will always take time to explain everything. I can honestly say that this is the best dental practice I have ever attended and would unreservedly recommend it to anyone. Congratulations to all at Dove Holistic Dental Centre!

M Moore

I have been coming to Dove Dental Practice ever since it opened. I have always been treated in a highly professional manner, and at the same time as a friend. Karen on reception is very welcoming, and does her utmost to fit appointments around my awkward timetable. I feel that they see me as an individual rather than just another patient, which goes a good way towards my visits being nearly enjoyable! Dr Raju has an excellent chairside manner, and goes to great lengths to explain what treatment is needed and how he is going to carry that out. My teeth are safe in his hands! I would certainly recommend anyone to use this practise.

C Wyers

I have always been very happy with any treatment i have received at Dove Clinic. Very professional and caring dentist with a high standard of knowledge and an ability to put you at ease. Would highly recommend.

J Gardner

I have been going to Dove Holistic Dental Centre in Bognor Regis for many years and would never want to leave this practice. From the friendly and helpful Reception staff, to the great Hygienist care and above all the wonderful Dentists. Duvie Raju is my dentist and he always takes so much time - you never feel rushed. He gives very thorough check-ups (including screening for mouth cancer), explains procedures and if ever any work is required he administers injections so slowly that you really don't feel any pain. I have also seen Simon Jones when Dr Raju has been away and he is excellent too. I would highly recommend Dove Holistic Dental Centre to anyone seeking to register with a dentist in this area.

R Moore

I feel well looked after by both dentists and hygienists and am confident that any dental issues I have will get resolved quickly and professionally. The tools and techniques used when I needed treatment are some of the Best I have come across. So why not 5 stars then?.......well it is a dentist afterall (LoL)

S Kuc

I have entrusted the health of my teeth with Dove Holistic Dental Centre for several years and would not by choice go anywhere else. The friendliness and quality of service is consistent,hence I would highly recommend this practice to anyone who is considering going - well done to all at Dove, keep it going!

P Stockley

Dove dental care is great. They are all friendly and have your best interests at heart. I highly recommend them.

E Vincent

For the last 2 years I have been using Dove Dental and can say that they are by far the most professional, friendly team I have used. I generally don't enjoy visiting the dentist but Dove have changed that. Would 100% recommend!

C Henn

Excellent service and would thoroughly recommend Dove Holistic Dental Centre in Bognor Regis. I have been with the practice for many years and can only speak positives about Dove and the service they provide. Karen on reception has always been very helpful and friendly and Dr Raju makes the visits, whether treatment or check up, enjoyable. There, I said it, 'I enjoy going to the dentist'!

M Wiltshire

I have being go to Dove Dental care for some while now and I can honestly say this is the best dental practise I have ever used. Kind, friendly, caring and very reassuring staff. I have had extensive work done and none of it has been painful or uncomfortable. Duvie Raju always takes time to explain everything and never rushes. Highly recommended.

C Warr

I would recommend Dove Dental care to anyone who is worried about visiting the dentist. Lovely team of people, I only left them because I could not manage the stairs - old age - I will have difficulty finding another team of caring people who can put you at your ease instantly, give the best advice and treatment. I miss my chats with Raj!

D Tappenden

I have been coming to Dove dental for years and would highly recommend. All staff are approachable, helpful and caring.

L Sutcliff

I've recently needed quite a bit of work done on my teeth. All my own fault though!

Years of neglect, smoking, sweets, you name it and my teeth have endured it!

Dove have recently removed a shattered 'rotter' on the lower left, replaced it with a brilliant addition to an existing small denture and replaced a fifty year old filling that was hiding a multitude of sins underneath it.

Best thing about all this for a coward like me? All done without the slightest bit of pain!

I even got sticker on my shirt to show the world I'd been a brave boy (OK, I had to ask for that but, in their defense, they don't routinely give them out to blokes in their late fifties!)

I do believe they really are focused on the patient's needs first and foremost, and they take 'as long as it takes' to get the best outcome for their patients.

Even as a card carrying coward I would recommend them to anyone in Bognor Regis needing dental care of any sort. Well done Dove, keep up the good work!

M Pollington

A large number of people visiting a dentist consider it to be a necessary evil and will put it off as long as possible. Dentists seem to strike fear into them.

However I found that when I joined Dove Holistic Dental Centre, from a NHS dentist practice, I was immediately impressed with their efficiency. Firstly the Receptionist explained the various plan options in detail and gave me appropriate literature. Once I had booked the necessary appointments I received reminders 2 days before each.

With regard to the treatment, a comprehensive initial inspection of my teeth was carried out and recorded in great detail on their computer. There was, as it should be, no pain of any sort during this. A program of treatment was drawn up and costed based on the detailed results of the inspection. I was then able to decide what and how much work I wanted carried out taking into account advice I had been given.

Having decided I booked various appointments. I required some extractions which were carried out painlessly and efficiently. As a result of these I needed a partial denture which was measured, manufactured and fitted without delay I was not left "gappy" for long. There were follow up appointments to ensure all was satisfactory.

The dentist, Lynsey and her assistant, were always friendly, polite, reassuring and carried out the work/treatment calmly and efficiently. Being an inquisitive character I asked several questions as this was in progress. My curiosity was always satisfied.

My only adverse comment is an obvious one and concerns the cost of the treatment compared with the NHS however I believe that this is acceptable because you receive a much better and comprehensive service in all respects with Dove Holistic Dental Centre.

I recommend them wholeheartedly.

K Davies

This is the best dental practice for miles, both Dr Raju and Simon Jones are very professional and friendly offering a wide range of services using high tech equipment. The general practice is always clean and run to the highest standard, customer service is also very good which is rare these days. We wouldn't go anywhere else.

A Feaver

I joined Dove Dental approximately 2-3 years ago and wished I'd done it decades ago! Dr Raju is very patient, understanding and very professional with a great sense of humour too! My daughters are with Mr Stevens who treats them fantastically and finally there's Cheryl who buffed my teeth perfectly. Thoroughly recommend everybody at Dove Holistic Dental Centre.

M Sanctuary

Dear Mr Raju At the time I didn't get a chance to fully express my appreciation of the work you did on my broken tooth- in a word it was 'perfection.' Thank You


I had a one hour appointment with Simon to repair a large broken tooth, (it took 1 1/4 hours) I was dreading it! Simon was excellent, I felt at ease and confident in Simon. He made an excellent job of my tooth. Thanks Simon.

D Beaney

I have just recently had a small procedure to fill in a cap in my front tooth. I am overwhelmed with the work. Dove Holistic Dental Centre is just what it say's 'Dental Care.' I am so happy with all the work I have had done , from the lovely reception and welcome I get from the ladies at the desk to all the work i have had done.

Yvonne Benham

Having had some bad experiences in the past, it was with some apprehension that I met Simon (Jones) for the first time, not knowing what to expect. I needn't have worried. I cannot speak too highly of him, a reassuring smile always greets me from Simon and Becky Balshaw his delightful and efficient assistant and I now actually look forward to my check-ups, knowing I can trust him fully.

He has done wonders for my dental care always taking the time to explain to me at sessions with him how my teeth are doing. In fact they have never looked better thanks to his advice and treatment, consequently my self confidence has soared. Simon is an excellent dentist and it is what good dentistry is all about. Denplan is very fortunate to have him as indeed I am to be under his care.

Thank you Simon.

I would also like to thank Karen Gambrill and Kirsty Walker on reception for making it a lovely, bright, calm place to wait before I am called up for check ups.

S Dobson

Further to my visit today to Simon Jones, I just wanted to put pen to paper to say 'Thank You.' The reason why I felt I wanted to do this is a bit of a story.

I was recommended to dove Dental Care, and specifically Simon, by a friend as I was always moaning about my teeth. Every morning I would wake up with toothache and had to watch what I ate & on which side of my mouth I ate on! All this was even after 6 monthly visits to my previous dentists.

All this changed with my treatments by Simon. He listened to me &spent as long as it took to sort out my problems which actually ended up taking over 3 months. After this, I found that I was able to eat anything I wanted, and even better without worrying what side of the mouth to eat on. Also, the best thing of all is waking up each morning without toothache.

So once again I would like to congratulate Simon on sorting out my teeth where other dentists had failed. Thank you Simon 10/10


The surgeries are well equipped, and treatment is performed in a relaxed and caring atmosphere. The staff in the practice are always helpful and accommodating especially when emergency treatment is required. I would be pleased to recommend Dove Holistic Dental Centre as my experience of their treatment has been excellent.

DG Murphy

I have been a patient at london road dental practice for many years and over all that time I have been treated with care and courtesy from all members of the staff there. I have been under Simon's care for a relatively short time, but even so I could not wish for a better dentist.

I have special needs and those have been attended to with exceptional kindness and consideration by him as well as excellent dental care.

I truly cannot praise Simon and all members of staff too highly.

Yours sincerely Annie Millar

Since Dr Raju took over this practice, it is definitely the best that I as a patient have attended. He refurbished the whole premises from the smart reception area (with polite and friendly staff) to the surgeries with up-to-date modern equipment and technology. From my own experience I can say that patients are well looked after, extremely well.

I personally have enjoyed an excellent patient-dentist relationship with Dr Raju through the trust I have for his obvious knowledge and ability, but also his friendly nature and considerate and caring approach.

Ian Nelson

The whole practice is extremely well run with email and text reminders for appointments. They have also made every effort to help spread the cost by introducing Den Plan cover with a range of cover options starting from regular checkups (incl x rays), which helps me keep a tight yet affordable reign on my dental health.

Apart from being friendly, re-assuring, trust worthy and honest, Dr Raju is quite simply the best dentist I've ever been treated by (this includes root canal work). I would travel genuine milage to be treated by this dentist, thankfully I don't have to, he's just 5 minutes away in Bognor's London Road.

Highly recommended - Dr Raju is worth his weight in gold fillings.

Lucienne Edwards

‘The atmosphere at Dove Holistic Dental Centre makes a visit to the dentist feel more like time spent with good friends than a visit to the dentist. At times it’s hard to tell if you are in the dentist chair or the armchair at home. As well as performing the very highest standard of dentistry, Dove dentist’s always work with as much care as thought they were treating their own children’s teeth.’ ‘Five star dentistry with a smile’.

Andrew Fuller

‘Always met with a warm welcome, all dental procedures are explained. Duvie Raju has to be the best dentist I have ever had, he always has time for a chat, very professional and puts me at ease. The surgery is very modern and clean. The whole team are very friendly all in all it is a pleasure to go to the dentist, and this is from someone who used to be petrified. I cannot praise Dove Holistic Dental Centre enough and would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a dental practice.’ Well Done All.

Gillian Eyres.

‘I cannot tell you how happy I am to have joined Dove Holistic Dental Centre. All the staff are so very friendly and welcoming, and Simon Jones is an absolute Godsend as far as I am concerned. I knew that my teeth were in need of some professional attention and I really wasn’t looking forward to it. But I could not have found a better practitioner than Simon. He is gentle, conscientious and caring. What a find.’

Carol Mills

From reception through to both the dentist and hygienist the service provided is utterly professional. Always accommodating in relation to appointment times. Very polite and courteous. Treatment received this year has been fantastic especially in relation to the rebuild of my teeth which is a new concept to me. Thank you all very much for such an excellent professional dental service.

Gary Strange

‘No longer do I feel worry or stress about visits to the dentist. I feel listened to, my views are considered and the results are positive. Appointment times are never rushed and even waiting to see the dentist is a comfortable experience with comfy chairs and lovely friendly reception staff. The pleasant surrounding, along with up to date equipment and dental knowledge with a very helpful dentist, a complete worthwhile package’.

Lynn Davis

‘Friendly, helpful and efficient service always given’.

Esme Davies


A. Austin

‘I find the dentist friendly and kind. I have a real fear of the dentist from childhood experiences, and Duvie Raju calms my fears’.

K. A. Champion.

‘I am absolutely delighted with the treatment I have done by Simon Jones. For several years I have suffered with dental problems that previous dentist had told me they could not improve on. Simon has replaced three fillings for me and at last I have a comfortable mouth. Thank you very much Simon’.

Collette Batho

‘Great Service. Dr Raju is a wonderful gentle dentist; if it were not for him I would not come to the dentist’.

Wendy Trent

‘My dental care at Dove is excellent. The staff are very kind and friendly and Dr Raju is a wonderful dentist, very gentle, he makes visiting the dentist more a pleasure than something to worry about. I would recommend them to anyone, especially to anyone afraid of dentists.’

Tracey Hayes

Dove Holistic Dental Centre is a very pleasant practice from receptionist to the dentist, to the nurses and hygienist. Everybody is very professional as well as being friendly and putting patients at ease. Dr Raju is a very confident and excellent dentist, and although professional his attitude is friendly, calming and caring.


‘I have been with the practice for many years and have always had excellent service. Everybody is friendly and polite. I have continued coming to this practice even when living in Spain for 8 years. Karen, the receptionist has always been very helpful and accommodating and has a very good sense of humour’.

Kathleen Mary Bartram (Kate)

‘Over the years Dove Holistic Dental Centre has evolved with the advances in modern dentistry. The dentists and staff provide a well-tuned and calming service. Highly recommended’.

A. Cooper

The practice has modern equipment and it means that visiting the dentist is a lot less painful then it used to be. All the staff are friendly and helpful. I don’t dread appointments like I used to’.

S Webb

‘Well organised, cheerful, caring and competent staff at all levels. The use of the latest high tech equipment ensures best patient welfare and reduces future problems. Continually training and updating in the latest technical and medical advances in dental care’.

Ron Devey

‘Both dentist and hygienist are reassuring and professional and made me feel at ease. They gave me good advice on how to maintain good oral hygiene and healthy teeth. The quality of the service is excellent.’

N. Whiteley

‘Feel I am in safe hands, I would always recommend Dove Holistic Dental Centre.’

Ron Mundy

‘Dr Raju, Just a quick email to let you know I am so very pleased with my teeth whitening system, It really does work I haven't used it every day as my teeth have felt a little sensitive, however the results are fab!! And I'm still managing to have a glass of wine and a cigarette whilst whitening!! This being such a bonus' So a big thank you to you from a very happy customer!!’

Regards, Kelly ward

‘What qualities are you looking for in a dentist: reassurance, kindness, thoroughness, efficiency and gentleness; then go and see Dr Raju and you will have found the perfect Dentist!’

Adeline Menebo

‘I have been a patient of Dr. Duvie Raju since he took over the practice and in all my years prior to Dr. Raju I have never had such fantastic treatment! The care, the attention and consideration for my well being has been first class.

Upon starting my treatment for implants, I was of course very nervous as this was something I had never undertaken before and I had previously hated dental appointments!

But in no time at all, Dr. Raju completely put me at ease and has given me nothing but the utmost care and attention and has always been there in an emergency for me. I cannot praise him enough and would recommend him without reserve. His attention to detail is second to none and I sincerely wish him all success for the future of Dove Holistic Dental Centre.’

Patricia Gore

After having a traumatic experience with an extraction which caused a fistula requiring remedial surgery by a maxillofacial surgeon in hospital. It has been very reassuring to have Lindsey & Kirsty looking after me. I felt complete confidence that I was in professional hands. I will not be returning to an NHS dentist anytime soon.

S Clark

I was introduced to your practice by a colleague, Marion Misselbrook. She spoke very highly of both the care given to nervous patients and the standard of work given. I have had some disturbing experiences in the past and I had put off arranging a dental visit for some time.

I could not be more pleased with the service I received. From the moment I arrived for my first visit, I have been treated with kindness and respect. I have had my first treatment and I am WOWED by the result. The whole procedure was painless and the finished tooth looks amazing. I could not be more impressed with Lyndsey's professionalism and she is a credit to her profession. I feel the same about the nurse and your reception staff.

A very big thank you to your wonderful team. "

R Godfrey