Drill Free Dentistry at Dove Holistic Dental Centre

....an alternative to the needle and drill available now in Bognor Regis

The dentist drill is commonly recognised as one of the No1 dental phobias, simply the word can send shivers down people's spines, for others it is the high-pitched noise of the drill and vibrations that have them looking for the exit sign.

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Dove Holistic Dental Centre has introduced the revolutionary Aquacut Quattro, which is wonderful news for our patients as it allows for our clinicians to carry out certain treatments without the need of a drill.

How Does It Work?

Image of the AquaCut Quatro

The Aquacut Quattro combines a tiny volume of powder with a fine stream of fluid which, when directed at the tooth, allows decay to be rapidly and gently removed. The aquacut quattro can be likened to a precise miniature sandblaster.

Unlike the conventional dentist drill the Aquacut hand piece makes no contact with your teeth, there is no unpleasant vibration, odour or heat and it eliminates the noise of the dental drill.

Its fine and gentle cutting action can mean that less tooth structure is cut away and can also reduce the need for injections.

The Aquacut system not only be used to repair your teeth, but also as an alternative to traditional scaling and polishing techniques. The Aquacut Quattro quickly and gently removes stains and leaves you with a fabulously clean feeling mouth.