White Fillings at Dove Holistic Dental Centre

We use the most durable and aesthetic white filling materials to ensure that your fillings look natural and aesthetic.

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    Before treatment
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    After treatment
    "This lady came to see me having broken her tooth. It had been temporarily filled by an emergency dentist. After discussing all the options, we decided to rebuild the tooth using a white filling material. As you can see the result is indistinguishable from her own tooth".

If the decay is not too serious, our dentist will remove all the decay and restore the tooth with a white (tooth coloured) filling.

Our dentists can safely replace silver amalgam fillings with white tooth coloured fillings.

Dental decay happens when the enamel and dentine of a tooth become softened by acid attack, producing a cavity (hole).

More about decay detection in our Preventive Dentistry section.